KidsHammer Event!

Let your 9-15 year old experience a great game that will challenge their mind, free their imagination and sharpen their skills.  All of this while making new friends in the process.  KidsHammer is coming to Worcester!

The Event Info:
Where: Immaculate Conception Church, 353 Grove Street, Worcester Ma. 01605
When: November 10th, 1-5PM (Pizza is included)

Here is what to expect:

  • Kids learn the basics of playing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, a tabletop miniatures wargame that is perfect for someone new to the genre.
  • Socialize and compete with other actual kids.
  • Leverage Math, Strategy and Chance as you battle your opponent
  • Above everything else: HAVE FUN

KidsHammer Events make this possible by providing:

  • Coaching by experienced players through each game
  • Providing armies for kids who have never played
  • Free Pizza at the break
  • Handouts to help the kids understand the rules while they play
  • Much More!

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