WWG Age of Sigmar League 2019

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Each WWG Game Night until all league players have competed. Players are welcome to compete on off schedules, but not to play each other player more then once as part of league play.


Points: 2000 unless otherwise agreed on by the players

You may alter your list during league play, but “list tailoring” is will not be tolerated

Realm Rules: Player defined

Triumphs may be used.

Make up games and proxies are allowed.  Reporting will be done per battle. 

There will be a secondary objective list that you may choose from once per battle.  You may not repeat the secondary on another apponent during the league games.


Major Victory = 3 points

Minor Victory = 2 points

Draw = 1 point

Secondary Objective = 2 points At the end of all league games, the player with the most points wins.  If there is a tie at the end of league play, we will have a final battle between the tied opponents.