WWG Kill & Grill Tournament


Register as a player:


• All scenarios last for 5 battle rounds, or when dice-down is called.

• If there are no models left for one of the players before the Fifth Battle Round has ended the game still continues as normal until the Fifth Battle Round has been completed

• Before the first battle round players will secretly select two Auxiliary Objectives (GHB 20 p. 108ff).  These are then revealed before the 1st initiative roll.  Successful Auxiliary Objectives cannot be used in later matches.  Failed Objectives can be tried again.


Scenario 1: Shifting Objectives (GHB20 p. 83) In Chamon (p. 103)

Scenario 2: Focal Points (GHB20 p. 81) in Ghur (p. 104)

Scenario 3: Blade’s Edge (GHB20 p. 85) in Aqshy (p. 102)



Major Victory: 8

Minor Victory: 6

Draw: 4

Minor Loss: 2

Major Loss: 0

Each Auxiliary Objective (2 per match): 1


Event Details:

• Each Army will be created using GHB 2020 consisting of up to 2000pts using Matched Play rules. Your armies general, artefacts, Command Traits, Prayers, Realm, etc. must be clearly stated on your printed army lists.

• Bring one printed copy of your list.

• In all cases where players can ‘pick or roll’ an additional item/spell/command trait player must pick rather than rolling. This choice must be clearly marked on your list and cannot change between games.

• Triumph bonuses will be used.

• The objectives used in missions do not have height, and units can move over/across/stand on them without penalty. Distance from an objective is measured from the center of the Objective Marker.

• Proxies, Conversions, and Third-Party Miniatures will be allowed, but must clearly represent the warscroll.

• Appropriately sized round/oval bases are required using the Games Workshop Basing Guide.

• The decision to use scenery rules will be decided by participants at each match.  If there is a disagreement, a roll off will decide.  Realm scenery rules must be used for each match.

• Each round will last 2 hours and 15 minutes including setup.  When time is called the game is over regardless of where you are at in the round. No further progress can be made.


As there will not be dedicated event judges, rule and game disagreements will be resolved by concurrence of a panel of 3 experienced players from other tables to be called as needed.


There will be 3 tiers of award:

1st Place: Bully of the First Degree

2nd Place: Mountain of Loathsome Flesh

3rd Place: Lead From the Back

0700 – 0800


Register your army, receive table assignment


0800 – 1015

Game 1

Scenario 1: Shifting Objectives (GHB20 p. 83) In Chamon (p. 103)


1045 – 1300

Game 2

Scenario 2: Focal Points (GHB20 p. 81) in Ghur (p. 104)


1300 – 1400

Lunch Break



1400 – 1615

Game 3


Scenario 3: Blade’s Edge (GHB20 p. 85) in Aqshy (p. 102)


1615 – 1645

Clean Up


1645 – 1800

BBQ in Church Parking Lot / Awards Ceremony



Tournament Ends


Additional Instruction:

Please Note that our last game and cleanup will be happening during a scheduled MASS time (1600-1700) and we will need to restrict the volume of our group.

 Also, the BBQ is a Potluck style event, please message Matt Foster with what you will be able to bring, family and friends are welcome!  Beer is OK, but being that we are at a church, please be responsible.