Membership Policies

Code of Conduct

Etiquette: The Worcester Wargaming Group has a code of conduct to provide a safe and friendly gaming environment for all that participate. Openly aggressive and foul behavior will be considered means for dismissal from the group, passing an initial warning. Language should also be moderated in the presence of younger players.

Age: In an effort to provide the best possible gaming experience for teens and adults, our group has a minimum age of 12 years.

Opening Times: The group operates on a set schedule each season.  Typically we try and meet every third Saturday with exceptions during the holidays.  The best way to stay in touch is to check the website and look at the events calendar, where we will post the upcoming schedule for the season as far in advance as we can.

Cost of Playing: The group is dedicated to being as accessible as possible to as many players as possible.  With that said we make it a club effort to avoid costs while still having a fun and engaging time.  Currently we do not collect club dues or monthly fees to play, but rather we work as a group to fundraise or donate for specific needs like maps, scenery or prizes.

Preparing the Gaming Areas: From 630PM each time we meet we ask our members to help set up the playing areas. With the whole group actively putting up tables and fetching terrain boxes from the storage areas it usually takes 5-10mins to get all 6×4 gaming tables and our four 4×4 tables set out as well as terrain boxes. At the end of the evening we ask if our members can also help to clean up which generally begins from 10:30 onwards (as many games are finished by then) so we can exit the venue by 11pm at the latest.

Using Group Terrain: The group terrain has both been donated by the founders of the group and also purchased with group funds. Due to this we ask that members please take care using the terrain during a gaming evening. We understand that usual wear and tear will happen but please let us know of any accidents and breakages. We will not lend out terrain as it is an important part of the group to maintain good looking tables for our members to enjoy the games they are playing. Our terrain is also set out into 1 or 2 boxes per table if our members can please keep terrain from each table in the relevant boxes it ensures a quick set up and tear down each night.  Additionally, if members can assist packing boxes and tables away when games are done this helps speed up the whole set up & break down each night giving us more gaming time.

Supporting our Venue: Immaculate Conception Church has graciously allowed us to use their basement activity hall to enjoy friendly gameplay. We encourage club members to be considerate of the churches property. We may also have a snack shack and fridge for drinks for occasional larger events. All money generated will help support our group as well as the venue.

Organizing Games: Many of the games in our hobby are often detailed and have very different ways of playing them, from competitive lists to narrative driven lists. Not to mention how lists are comprised and what sort of game you will play. We encourage our gamers to have a discussion with your opponent prior to games to understand what you are both looking for from a game. This organization can be done down at the group or through our website & Facebook page, planning ahead of time to ensure you get games is the best way to have a fun night at the group. If you unfortunately have planned a game with someone and cannot attend please notify the person as soon as possible to avoid wasted effort by active members.

As an example Age of Sigmar currently has a multitude of different game types like Path to Glory, Skirmish and Triumph and Treachery. Due to this it is best to talk to your opponent prior to the game to understand what you will both be playing so you can both have fun from what you play.


Have Fun: Probably the most important part of our Group Conduct is to have fun. We can often get wrapped up in the game and passionate about the games we play and the companies that we buy our games from. Please remember everyone has a difference in opinion so please bear this in mind when playing games at the group. If you are playing a game system you do not like then please look around at what else the group has to offer, demo games and example play happen on a very regular basis please just keep an eye on our planned games and events and remember we are all here to have fun and play games!